Monday, May 16, 2011

Memories | Simple Ways to Make Memories with Your Little Person

Thank the Lord! My post from Friday just reappeared!  I hope you won't mind Friday's post being posted on Monday.  I am giddy with happiness right now!

Children really do not require much in order to create a memory.  The only requirement they have is you being completely there, undistracted, and unoccupied by other things. This week I have decided that the house is just fine the way it is- no need for dusting or deep cleaning anything.  After all, no matter how much I dust and clean it always has to be done all over again.  However, these moments with Addie can never be rewound or stopped in time.

One of our activities this week was a full sized tracing/drawing of Addie.  I had her lie down on a long sheet of art paper and traced her from head to toe.  Then we sat on the kitchen floor and colored "Addie".  After "she" was all colored, I cut her out, and we taped her to the wall in front of the front door.  She wanted to surprise Daddy when he came home from work. (Brian played along beautifully! He is such a good sport!) 

We also experimented with painting (I know! ME! I really felt proud of myself.).  I put some art paper on the kitchen floor, squirted some water-based acrylic paint on the paper, handed her a brush and let her go to town.  She was beside herself- and I was beside her the entire time having a wonderful time myself.  We even put paint on our hands (yep, my hands too) and made some hand prints. 

Also, because she was so good in church on Sunday, Brian went to the Dollar General while Addie and I went to the grocery store and got her a paint by number kit.  We have worked on it twice this week, but we still have a ways to go.  She is loving her craft time.

We have had two picnics this week.  The first was on Saturday in her playroom with a huge towel thrown on the floor as our blanket.  The second was outside on the grass, again on our huge beach towel.  After about 15 minutes, Addie said very matter-of-factly, "The sun is too hot! I'm ready to go inside now."  I couldn't argue with her because I was melting.

One of our moments included Squishy.  I laid myself down on the floor, and Addie and I got to feel the baby kick.  I had to explain to her that it is okay for the baby to kick Mommy after she said, "No, Baby, don't kick Mommy."  Too sweet.

Grandma and Grandpa are also great about making memories with her.  Grandma has purchased some books that have accompanying CDs with them.  For our last two visits, Addie and Grandma have gone into the "Grandkids' room" and listened to the CD while following in the book together, and then Grandma sends the one they listened to home with Addie.  Grandma also gets down on the floor and plays whatever Addie is in the mood for.  She is such a good sport!

Children are the easiest people to please. They only ask for our time and attention.  They don't ask for the impossible (well, asking Mommy, who is 19 weeks pregnant and huge, to crawl through your Princess tent's tunnel might qualify), just that you get down on the floor and play.  This time in their lives goes by so fast and we do not want to miss any of these moments with them.


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