Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Priceless (and Then Crushing) Moment

A few weeks ago, Addie and I watched a few minutes of the Royal wedding. Well, actually, we watched previously recorded clips of the wedding while waiting for the royal couple to appear on the balcony for their first public kiss as husband and wife.

I told Addie that they were the Prince and Princess.  I had no idea how excited she would be about Princesses and royalty.  She would get so upset when the clips of the wedding were taken off the air so we could see the crowds gathering around the palace.

When the couple finally came out and kissed, Addie kept talking about the princess and how pretty she was.  I left the room for a moment (we were getting ready for Daddy to come home to take us to Busch Gardens), and the couple had a second kiss.  Addie came running to find me. 

"Mommy! The Prince kissed the Princess again!"

Fast forward to this Saturday.  We decided to have a lazy Saturday since Brian had worked so much overtime this week and had to work last Saturday.  I decided to make a scrapbook page with a few pictures I had had for a long time but had never done anything with.  One of the pictures was one of my wedding pictures.

Addie came over, looked at what I was doing, saw the picture, and declared, "Mommy! YOU were the princess!"

On Sunday evening, when Dad came over for his weekly visit, I showed him the page I had done and told him about Addie's cute little statement.

She looked up at me and seriously said, "Mommy, you're not the princess anymore."

Hopefully she only meant that I wasn't wearing a beautiful gown anymore......


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