Friday, June 17, 2011

Addie's View

On Monday, after Brian's ball game, we were driving home and passed a police car.  And that is what started the following conversation.....

Addie: Oh, look! It's a policeman lady! (her version of police woman) If something bad happens, I call 9-1-1 to get the police man to help me. (Kristi, circle time has been a huge success over here. One of the items we discuss is the number 9-1-1, how to call it on the phone, and when we are allowed to call that number.)

Brian (after a look of surprise and with a huge, proud smile): Very good, Addie!  Do you know what Mommy's name is?

(I'm smiling because we have covered this in circle time, too, through the Pretzel Style song- also courtesy of Kristi)

Addie: Suzette!

Brian (another look of surprise and a huge, proud smile): Very good!  Now, do you know Daddy's name?

(Gulp! We haven't really gone over Daddy's name because he isn't sitting pretzel style with us when we sing about who is sitting that way! Oh, my! What will she say?)

Addie: Your name is Babe!

Brian and Suzette (laugh hysterically)

Brian: Daddy's name is Brian.

Addie: Oh! Brian!

Me: (It's really not such a bad thing that she thinks his name is Babe.  Afterall, it is what I call him. All. the. time.  It very well should be his name.)

If you are not familiar with Circle Time, check out this post and this post by Kristi.  Great ideas and additions to what you may already be doing.


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