Friday, June 10, 2011

One of Those Weeks

These types of weeks are rare around here. 

The type of week where there is something- or multiple things- happening every single day.

The type of week where I have fallen asleep on the couch every single night.

The type of week when everything needs to go according to plan... and usually doesn't.

The type of week where I actually laid down with Addie for a nap- that never happens around here!
The type of week when you can sit back after it is all said and done and thank God for the blessings, joys, and adventures that it held.

The type of week that the most ridiculous and inopportune things happened........ 

For instance, on Tuesday night Brian had a softball game, and I had a VBS leaders meeting (my dear husband talked me into teaching one of the 3 year old classes) at the same exact time.  I called my cousin to ask her to watch Addie for me at the park that Brian was playing ball at.  Everything was all set up.  As we were preparing ourselves to leave, Addie had a horrible case of upset stomach and didn't make it to the potty on time.  About a half an hour before we needed to leave, we had to call Grandma and pops for emergency back up.  (Grandma and Pops, you are awesome!)

On Thursday, after spending a wonderful morning and afternoon with my sister Faye, Addie and I arrived home to a phone call from Brian that he was running late and he needed me to take all of his softball equipment to the park and meet him there.  A little while later, he called to say that he was making great time, woud be home to change into his uniform, but we needed to be ready to walk out the door.  No problem.  While I was having a great "catch up" conversation with my cousin Belinda, I got another phone call- Brian had a flat tire! He now needed me to leave the house ASAP and meet him at the Tire Kingdom where he was going to leave his work truck.  Even after all of that, we arrived at the ball field 45 minutes before game time.

And today is the type of day where Addie and I are going to hang out in our pajamas all day (Edit: it is 8:09 a.m. and Addie and I just got home from taking Brian to the Tire shop so he could pick up his van and head to work. Yep, we are in our pj's!), do the bare minimum in terms of chores and responsibilities, watch Sesame Street to her hearts content, and just wait for Daddy to come home to relax with us (at almost 6 months along, I really am feeling the need for rest).  Have a great weekend!


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