Monday, June 6, 2011

When Did This Happen?

Whatever happened to that itty bitty little baby that we brought home from the hospital and thought we would break if we didn't hold you in just the right way?

When did your hair really come in?

When did your mouth really fill up with teeth?

When did you become old enough to attend VBS?

When did you become old enough to join AWANAS at our church?

When did you start eating everything in sight (after not eating real food for your first two years)?

When did you start turning on the bathroom light and washing your hands by yourself?

When did you start having opinions on what you like and don't like?

Where did my baby girl go?

I don't know when I realized all of these things actually happened because you grew up so gradually right before my eyes.

But one thing I do know.  I love my big girl so very much.  And I always want you to know that.


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