Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You Make Me Laugh

Brian has a tremendous sense of humor.

He can see the funny side of anything.

He can make me laugh without even trying.

And that made me think of this story that happened the day after Addie was born......

C-sections make you realize how much you use your stomach muscles throughout the day.  Because the doctors have to operate through those muscles, mobility is very limited and even the simplest tasks hurt. "Laughing till it hurts" takes on a whole new meaning. 

Walking- hurts!

Sneezing- painful!

Coughing- mind jolting!

Thinking about laughing- aches!

Laughing- excruciating!

As soon as you are able, the hospital staff tries to get you out of bed and walking around in order to begin building the strength of those muscles.  And of course, my knight is shining armor was there to help me walk.  I had already let Brian know that I was in pain, and even chuckling at his comments hurt, but when making people laugh comes so naturally to someone, they just don't realize that the next thing they are going to say is going to send someone into a laughing fit.

We were walking around our unit (mother/ baby and pediatrics) when we came upon a crib that looked like a cage.  I cannot for the life of me tell you what Brian said (he says it was something about caging kids in this crib like monkeys at the zoo), but it struck me as hilarious (maybe it was a combination of his natural sense of humor and the medications wearing off).  I burst out laughing and then I instantly burst into tears.  My stomach hurt and felt like it was being ripped open.  I told Brian to leave me alone, and I shuffled into a corner and cried my heart out.  A nurse came running up, giving Brian (who looked completely lost about what was even happening) the meanest look on earth.  She asked me if I was okay and what had happened, and I literally blubbered...

"He made me laugh and now my stomach hurts!"

I don't know who looked more confused, Brian or the nurse.

They both helped me back to the room where two of my aunts were watching Addie for us.  I was given some pain medicine and helped back into bed.

And he really tried not to make me laugh again. 

Ummmm....... he tried........


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