Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Have I Told You Lately....

.....what an awesome little girl you are?

On Monday when we left Walmart, I saw dark clouds forming to the south of us.  I knew that there were going to be scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon (Florida has finally gotten back into its regular afternoon thunderstorm routine), so I did two loads of laundry before 8:00 a.m. and had it hanging shortly after.

On our way home from our shopping trip, I told you the plan I had for bringing in the groceries, laundry, putting our groceries away, and having lunch.  You couldn't wait to get home to help me.

Because it was already passed lunch time, I handed you a bag of pretzels to munch on during our drive.  I asked for a pretzel and stuck my hand in the back seat so you could give me one.  I heard you rummaging through the bag and felt the smallest bit of a pretzel land in my palm.  Stinker!  You laughed like you knew you had done something funny and gave me a regular sized pretzel.

When we got home, you hopped out of the car and helped me bring in the lighter grocery bags.  You are such a great helper!  You are going to be such a big help when Ian arrives!

I put the things that needed to go into the freezer and fridge away and then we headed out to the backyard to pull the laundry off the line.  A couple of things were still damp and the rumbling thunder was getting louder.  I decided to leave the back door open and employ your help.  I opened up the dryer in the laundry room and as I pulled things off the line, I would hand you the damp items.  You ran into the house and tossed each item into the dryer for me while I continued pulling things off the line and folding what was dry. 

We made it back into the house with plenty of time before the rain actually came, but the whole time we were out there I just kept thinking to myself, "Addie, you are such an awesome kid!" 

As you get older and you begin to hear the voices of others around you saying things that we would never dream of saying to you, don't ever forget that Daddy and I think you are awesome.  You bring us joy.  You make us smile.  You make our hearts happy.  You make us proud. 

Oh, and have I mentioned.... we think you're awesome!


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