Friday, July 8, 2011

Spaghetti Thoughts: Our Wedding Pictures

Do you remember our "talk" about spaghettis and waffles?  I thought I would use that to not only share with you some of the memories that Brian and I have created together, but to also write down those moments so that we will always have them and so my children can always look back and see what Mommy and Daddy did before them and with them.

Brian had a dentist appointment one Monday, and as we were driving there, we passed a home that literally had a junk yard out front.  I saw a white, iron headboard piece of a bed frame... and that is where the spaghetti trail began.

That would make a great prop in a portrait.

Mandy would find a way for that to work beautifully as a prop for her pictures.

Pictures have really come a long way.

Faye's wedding pictures are beautiful. The technology and advances in photography are amazing.

Our wedding pictures were beautiful, too. What a day that was....

"Hey, Brian do remember the day we picked up our wedding pictures from our photographer?  It was the first day of the school year for me, so we decided we would get Chinese take out and not look at the pictures until we got home. Do you remember that?"

"Wow! Is that what happened?  I don't remember those types of things.  I don't know how you do. Where did that thought come from anyway?"

"Ummmm...... it was a spaghetti thought. It all started back there when I saw......."


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