Friday, August 5, 2011

Around Here.....

.....Brian has decided to take a break from softball.  Because of some sudden headaches any time he does anything that requires extra exersion (his chiropractor is treating him for this) and with the upcoming birth of Ian, he has decided to lay low for this season.

.....we have tried to get as much Aunt Faye time as possible. And we have enjoyed every moment of it.

......I have tried so many new recipes.  My little family has loved them and Addie has surprised me with what she has enjoyed.  I never knew my ittle girl would love asparagus! (The meal pictured is a Kraft cooking creme meal. Recipe was taken from the back of the container.)

......sibling love is burning strong.  On Wednesday, Addie surprised me by saying very matter-of-factly, "Mommy, Ian is my best friend!" I am so thankful that she is taking to heart the ideas and values and teachings we are instilling in her.  Sibling love is the norm in our home, not the exception.

......our reading lessons are going along very well.  On Thursday morning, Addie sat next to me on the sofa with the Abeka Reading Handbook and surprised me by sounding out a few of the words in it.  I promptly called Daddy, put him on speaker phone, and together we made a huge deal about her achievement.

......we are happy that the football lockout is over and that the football season will be starting soon.  And when football season starts, that means Fantasy Football is also underway.  Brian, my sports man, here's to you winning the trophy again this year!


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