Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last night was our doctor's appointment.

I've only gained one pound since my last appointment (woohoo!).... we won't actually discuss what my current weight is right now :)

Blood pressure is great.

The nurse couldn't get over how great our maternity coverage is (thank you, Lord!).

Our little guy is now in the birthing postion- head down, bottom up, and feet kicking me in my right side.

Ian's heartbeat is strong and sounds like a team of galloping horses.

We discussed the "circ" procedure for Ian with our doctor (who thankfully is the best C-section and baby "circ" doctor in our county).

We were given a definitive date of delivery for our little guy.

I was told that I can no longer pick Addie up (because of abdominal muscle fatigue I have been experiencing... always after lifting Addie or my laundry basket).

I was able to discuss nursing with my doctor (a huge advocate of nursing and recommends that I stay with it for a year) and received some great advice on how to go about making sure the nurses at the hospital understand and cooperate with our desire to be successful at nursing Ian.

We are now at the every other week appointment cycle.

Our pre-admittance paperwork is in and ready to go. So glad they changed this part of the process. With Addie, I was expected to fill out the paper work in between contractions.  Brian, bless his heart, took over the paperwork for me mid-contraction and was yelled at by the nurse because he was not the one that was going to deliver the baby! 

We are getting closer to meeting our little man, and we are beyond excited!

I'll have the book club post up for tomorrow, Lord willing.


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