Monday, August 29, 2011

Update Pictures

Here is the most recent photo of my belly (taken on Friday afternoon).  This is what I looked like on the day I gave birth to Addie and I still have about a month to go. (I told you I was huge! And can you believe I still have one month to grow!)  

This is a sneak peek glimpse at Ian's new room before adding anything decorative.  I have lots of ideas, but I am not going to make any final decisions until I am ready to put holes in the walls.  I love working with a blank slate and watching it fill with life.  The wall color is Behr's Carribean Mist.

Do you remember Addie's old room?  Well, here is our new and  improved office. Again, little by little we will be decorating and hanging our photos.  As bits and pieces start to come together, I'll post photos for you.  The color on the wall is Behr's Granite Stone.   

We are hoping to complete Addie's room in the next couple of weeks.  When we do, I'll give you a little tour of her completed room.  Have a great Monday!


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