Friday, September 2, 2011

Me Right Now

Sometimes, it is a good idea to take the time to take a little snapshot of yourself and who you are at any given moment in time.  Right now for me seems like the perfect time to take a snapshot since in a few weeks life and I will be changing in drastic ways with the addition of a new family member. 

Right now.....
  • I am finding myself engulfed in paperwork, from hospital pre-admission forms to having the paperwork ready to have Ian put under our policy within the first 30 days after birth.
  • If I thought I was a list maker before hand, I have really become obsessive about my lists now!  I have lists of our daily schedule, lists of the must-fit-into-my-day items, lists of the books I want to work through with Addie this year before enrolling her in K5 next year, and lists of the upcoming blog posts for the next month.  I didn't realize how bad it was until Brian told the nurse at the doctor's office, "...yeah, she even has 'push the coffee pot button' on her list."  Ummmmm.........
  • Life is rolling along so smoothly.  Our schedule is absolutely wonderful, runs like clockwork, Addie loves it, I get a nap daily, Brian has a wide awake wife when he comes home, and because every room is where it is supposed to be, everyone knows where everything goes and everyone chips in to keep the house in great order.
  • The laundry is hung based on the weather these days.  Before my laundry load finishes washing, I have to watch the news to find out if there will be rain before noon.  If so, the laundry is tossed into the dryer (ugh!).  If not, I am outside early in the morning hanging my clothes so I can have them off the line before noon.
  • A couple of months ago I had my hair cut about shoulder length.  I am thinking now that I miss my long hair and plan on growing it out..... again.
  • I have been chomping on ice like it is going out of style.  Brian mentioned it to his dental hygienist yesterday and was told that prenatal cravings are the body's way of telling the expectant mother what her body needs.  Apparently, I need more water than I have been getting.
  • I am in love with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!  I have one at least once a day.
  • My pantry and freezer are filling up with foods that can be easily made or thawed for us to eat after Ian arrives. 
  • I am finding myself completely overwhelmed by God's goodness to our family and how people are so willing to be used as instruments of His to be a blessing to us. Tears of thankfulness as gratitude have become part of my daily existence.
That is just a snapshot of me right now.  I would encourage you to take a quick snapshot of yourself.  In a few months or years, it will be fun to look back to see what in your snapshot has changed.


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