Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Lessons | Proverbs 31: 15

"She rises also while it is still night, and gives food to her household and portions to her maidens."

Okay, I'll admit it, I have been dreading reaching this verse. It is one of those verses whose very nature flashes with neon lights that there is something here for me to put into practice. And when I read a verse like that, that speaks to me personally, I know that by not putting the verse into practice, I am doing wrong.

You see, about six years ago in December, I read this verse and knew I had to do something about it. I had been waking up just in time to get myself dressed for work, pack lunch for Brian and me, have my devotions, and make it out the door to get to work just on time. When I got home from work (about 4:00 in the afternoon) I would be tired and felt like I had to start my "other job". I didn't have time to exercise like I had wanted to, and I cleaned my house half-heartedly.

After reading this verse, I was convicted to start getting up earlier. I knew that by rising early I would have time to have my devotions, exercise, clean my house (one or two rooms a day), have breakfast, and be relaxed as I got ready for work. I would go to work (which in God's eyes was my "other job") more relaxed. I could stay a little longer if I needed to knowing that my home had already been taken care of and dinner was already prepared or just needed to be put together. I also grew to love that time in the morning. As I cleaned, it became and extention of my prayer time as I would just talk to God while dusting or wiping down counters.

I woke up early (5:00 a.m.) until that Friday before I went into labor (my last day at work was a Friday, began labor Saturday night at 8:30, and had Addie at 12:53 p.m. on Sunday). After Addie was born, I stopped my tradition of waking up early. I used the excuse that I had gotten up several times at night to take care of the baby (back when she was a newborn). Then my excuse became that I had to get up because I heard her squirming and had to change her diaper (after she began sleeping through the night). After a while, I had no excuse. She slept soundly through the night so I slept soundly. I was waking up completely refreshed and ready to go. Now, I am back to being up in the middle of the night (Monday into Tuesday was super!  Ian slept from his last evening feeding at 10:30 until I woke him up at 4:00! The schedule is falling into place :)

So now here comes the point of decision. Am I going to follow the lead of the Proverbs 31 woman and rise while it is still night (it isn't easy waking up when the sky is still dark, the room is cold, and it is nice and warm under the blankets)? Would my day be even more successful if I woke up early and began my day before everyone in the house did? I know the right answers to the questions. It is funny how many times we know the right answers, our problem is doing what we know is the right answer. We can come up with every excuse imaginable to man just so we feel better about not doing what we know to do. But I know what my answers to the questions will be.

Yes, I will follow her lead and wake up earlier (I'll have to decide on what time- maybe 6:15 when the alarm goes off for the first time). Yes, I know my day will be more successful because I will have that time in the morning to get things done without having to stop for any reason. I will be able to either get dinner ready or at least start the meat thawing ("and gives meat to her household"), and I can get a load of laundry started first thing in the morning ("and portions to her maidens"). My mother always said that our maidens are our washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc. Getting up earlier will also give me the time that I want to exercise once my OB gives me the okay (I really do miss that time). No, I am not going to get up at three in the morning to get all of this accomplished (I do have the whole day), but an extra hour in the morning should give me a better start than I have right now. And, believe it or not, I'm actually excited about it. So, with that I will bid you all a good night.

Memorize Proverbs 31:15


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