Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meeting Grandpa

I realized after looking at all of the photos from the hospital slideshow, that my dad was not pictured in any of the photos.  That usually happens to the person behind the camera, unfortunately.

Then I began thinking...... (yes, I think too much for my own good sometimes)....... I have a picture of Dad holding Addie at the hospital in almost the exact same pose that I was able to snap a photo of Dad with Ian using his cell phone.

I looked at each and every file that I have and could not find that picture anywhere! (I think it is on the old computer) 

But I did find a picture of Dad holding a brand new Addie.......

...... to go along with the picture of Dad holding a brand new Ian.

Ian, meet your Grandpa You Beat.  I know you're going to love him. 


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