Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Weekend

Photo courtesty of Mandy @ Giggles to Grace Photography

Friday night into Saturday Brian and I got very little sleep.  Ian ate at two hour intervals all night and by the time I finally started to doze off, it was time to feed him again.

Saturday morning, Brian attended the Men's Conference at our church based on the recently released movie Courageous

I stayed home with the kids- very tired.

Made pancakes from scratch for me and Addie for breakfast.

Talked with a friend, Dad, and my sister Faye.

Tried keeping Ian at 2 1/2 hour feedings.

Did a little straightening up.

Dressed myself and the kids.

(I really like being able to say "the kids".)

Cried as Brian told me about everything he learned from the conference (being overly tired made me overly emotional).

Cried as Brian told me sit down while he cleaned the kitchen for me (did I mention I was emotional?)

Brian wanted breakfast for dinner.

Prepared everything for church on Sunday.

Fed Ian twice during the night between Saturday and Sunday.

Woke up at 7:00 and began getting ready on Sunday morning.

Intercepted Addie at 7:20 so she wouldn't wake Ian and got her ready for church as Brian was finishing getting ready (he was going to get her ready, but I figured I would save time for us by doing it).

Finished getting ready and began feeding Ian at 8:00.

Brian made the coffee and got Addie and me something to eat.

Changed Ian's diaper and clothes and got him ready for church at 8:28.

Left for church- 8:40.

Sunday School and worship service (with a feeding in between)- starting at 9:00.

McDonald's- 12:00

Home and another feeding- 1:00

Left to do the grocery shopping- 2:00

Arrived home and began another feeding for a baby who calmed down from being upset the minute Mommy came home-3:00

Left for Grandma and Pops's house to watch the Bucs play and another feeding somewhere in there- 4:00

Home again and another feeding- 8:15

Awana lesson with Addie and verse review- 9:15

Typed up this blog post- 9:30

Ready to spend some time with Brian (and of course, there will be another feeding in the next hour)


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