Thursday, November 3, 2011

The "Weight"ing Game

I'm sure that for most of us who have undergone a pregnancy or two, there is always a little bit of extra weight to remind us of what our bodies have been through.  Right now, I am at the point where all of the added excess (baby, extra water, all other birthing related weight) is now gone and I have about 9 pounds that I need to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and into all of my clothes), or 15 to get back to where I really want to be.

I have a timeline/ goal for myself to give me something to reach for.  It is not going to be here in 2011 (I have to be completely realistic for myself), but it won't be too far into 2012 either.

I am also not going to diet or starve myself (I did that several years before dating Brian, and denied myself so many treats and things that my body craved it after a while and I added a few pounds after Addie's pregnancy.)

My plan for attack (or shedding those extra few pounds) is simple.  Eat my three meals a day and a snack, exercise daily (except for Sundays), and eat a treat or two a week (no more depriving myself).

Brian has not pressured me in any way to lose weight. He told me back when we were dating (and I weighed 108 pounds) that my weight would never be an issue with him (he has since told me that he thought I was too skinny when we got married).  However, I know that when I feel good about myself, it reflects in my attitude, and he will benefit from that.

I also know that shedding those extra pounds and exercising will help me be more active for my children's sake (I know a particular three-almost-four-year-old who loves running in the yard and would love for Mommy to join her, and I'm sure Ian will love having a Momma who runs around with him, too).

One thing I look forward to as I reach my goal is wearing all of my pre-pregnancy clothes again.  I have my closet emptied out to only what I currently fit into.  I look forward to seeing it fill up with all of my beautiful clothes once again (isn't it funny how much you appreciate what you have in your closet when you can't quite fit into them?).  


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