Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Life Update

Today's post has tons of photos. Just a glimpse into our last two weeks.

We had our annual after-Christmas Christmas get together with my dad's side of the family. We always have such a great time.

Addie had her art time.... and enjoyed it..... can you tell?

I saw this idea on Pintrest for turning fruit into fun, interesting shapes. Yep, we had a candy cane in January.... to go along with our Christmas :)

Finger painting time. I had to convince Addie that you use your fingers to paint, not a brush.

Library time. And I love how few kids there are. They are so sweet and listen so well.

Birthday lunch with our cousins who turned 8. I remember visiting them in the hospital soon after they were born!

You have got to love how kids watch their shows.

Ian's doctor's appointment. Would you look at those arms! Yes, I am proud of each and every roll on this little guy!

Before nap time, the three of us get into Addie's bed, read a Bible story and one or two library books, and talk. Ian loves turning to look at Addie.

Crazy Hair Night at Awana. She sat so still and let me comb her hair without fussing about her hair getting snagged. There is also a view of the back.

Art time.... again. This time, we painted using a coloring book page.

This was our teacher's last day with us. She has been our Story time teacher since Addie's first visit to the library. She has seen Addie grow from being an 18 month old to a one-month-short-of-being-a-four-year-old. She has also seen Addie go from being a shy, quiet toddler to an excited participant. We'll miss her.

Okay... this is my favorite picture for this week. Ian was fussing (he's had a cold since Monday evening), so Addie went and got him his little toy t.v. She turned it on and lay head to head with him as they both watched the picture moving across the screen. And he stopped fussing.

Buddy Boy.... I had to throw this one in :)

 Because Ian still has a cough, I couldn't see myself putting him in the nursery at church. I hadn't slept well all week because Mommys just don't sleep well when their babies are sick, and Brian is at the end of his bought with whatever he caught from Ian. We decided to stay home from church Sunday morning. However, our church now has a live streaming of the service online. So we were still able to have church.


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