Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Good Tired...

.... is when you have worked hard on your laundry and have an empty hamper to show for it.... for five minutes. when you have crossed off all of the things you had on your list of things to do (and it was a short list yesterday). when you have rolled on the floor, been climbed on like a piece of playround equipment, and sung your heart out with your kids.... and they have laughed the entire time. when you get up early, get as much as you can done before heading out the door to a Mommy/ Preschool playdate at church and having a wonderful conversation with another mom and the facillitator..... it's exciting to find others on the "same page" as you. when you spend the day with a good friend talking and laughing..... and eating chocolate chip cookies. when you have spent almost 2 hours with a group of 2-3 year olds (I'll be teaching one of the Puggles groups in Awana now. Last night I sat in to observe.) when you spend an hour making a Crazy Hat for "Crazy Hat Night".... the top had four construction paper candles on it. when you snuggle on the couch with your hubby to watch your show after the kids have gone down for the night..... and you've made homemade chocolate dipped strawberries.


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