Monday, March 26, 2012

A Week In Her Life

 I was going through the photos on my phone and found that I have pretty much captured the most exciting moments of Addie's week on my phone camera with a few on my "real" camera. As I looked through these, I could not get over how in love with life Addie is.

The weather has been beautiful lately so we took some time to play outside. We made a hopscotch grid on the driveway and we played for a bit... until Addie decided to play according to her own rules. She definitely had more fun that way.

She is so funny! We were eating some pizza rolls for lunch one day. Some of the sauce dripped out onto her plate. She looked at it and then very seriously, under her breath, she said, "Oh, for the love of Pete."

 During our math lesson, we were adding using chocolate chips. I think it was the most delicious math lesson we have had.

While Brian was out of town, I pulled out the sofa bed and slept in the office. In the morning, both kids ended up in bed with me. I wasn't ready to get up right away since I hadn't slept that well since the man of the house wasn't there. If you look closely, you can see that the little dog is wearing one of Ian's onesies.

Modern day travel. Addie is playing with her touch pad (her Christmas gift from Grandpa You Beat) on our way to the library.

At the library. We learned a new version of "The Wheels on the Bus" and Addie was the "giraffe bus driver." Because our teacher left, we have had a new teacher every week. She hasn't been too thrilled to go to the library like she used to. I can't wait until they find a permanent teacher for the class.

Saturday afternoon before nap time, we went to Michael's for their kid's craft time. We made a frog out of a plastic/foam egg. She really had fun. She is so artsy.

The finished frog.....

On Saturday evening, we went to a local beach for a little while. Brian and I kept saying how much we loved watching her just run as fast as she could from one slide to another. She was exactly what you envision childhood being. And she is just so cute!

The seagulls looked so peaceful and happy... until she went running through them. Daddy gave her the idea.

Brian was standing right there otherwise I would not have let this moment happen. Ian just loves his sister and she loves him. Earlier in the day when he was lying in his crib, she reached in to hold his hand. And then in the sweetest voice she said, "Bud, soon you'll marry me." In her 4 year old mind, people who love each other marry each other.... and she loves her brother.

And a moment in his week... he had been fighting his sleep, and when his tummy was finally full his went right to sleep... right in the middle of lunch.


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