Monday, April 30, 2012

Addie's Thoughts

 On Facebook, a friend of mine posted a series of incomplete phrases that she had her son complete about his daddy. I thought something like that would be more meaningful to Brian than just having Addie draw him another picture in his card.

Here are Addie's thoughts on Daddy.

My daddy is: Daddy (now that we have established that....)

My daddy likes to wear: clothes (and we are so thankful for that)

He loves to eat: breakfast (Brian laughed... any meal will suit him just fine)

He is smart because he knows: what to do (yes, I agree)

My dad works hard at: work (I have been telling her that since she was an infant and we would wave goodbye to him as he drove off to work)

Daddy always tells me: I love you (yes, he does)

It makes my dad happy when I: obey (it makes Mommy happy, too)

If he could go on a trip, he would go: to Sea World (we had Sea World on the brain at the time)

I really love it when my dad: smiles (he does have a beautiful smile)

If I could give my dad anything it would be: breakfast (Brian laughed really hard at this one.... and then asked why she was so stuck on giving him breakfast)

My favorite thing about my dad is: hugging (sigh.... what can I say to that....)


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