Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter | Part One

Easter celebrations began for us on Saturday morning. Our church held it's annual Easter Party from 10-12:00. We arrived just before 11:30 since it was a come-when-you-want, do-what-you-want, leave-when-you-want type of event.... and Brian had a lot of errands to run that morning (which included picking up a new camera for me from his latest recycling trip... he wanted me to have better quality photos on the blog. Is he not the sweetest!) Today's photos are from my "old" camera since I didn't have enough time in the car to figure out my new one.

After registering, our first stop was in the fellowship hall for the preschool egg hunt. I'm sure the eggs were originally partially hidden but because we arrived towards the end, they were obvious to find. Ian "found" five and we told Addie to only find ten.

We were headed to the bouncy house when we saw the petting zoo area..... and you know Addie was all over that! (Look at my little guy! He is such a little version of his daddy, which obviously means he is one handsome little dude!)

Most children are happy just to pet the rabbits. Not my Addie! She asked to hold the rabbit, and the worker (who used to watch Addie when she was in the nursery) caught it and handed it to her.

We showed Ian the rabbits, too, and he was anxious to pet them. But, because he is the pulling-yanking-scratching stage, I let him pet my hand while I pet the rabbit. I was just picturing him getting a hold of the rabbit's ears......

Finally, we made it over to the bouncy house where Addie found one of her little friends from Sunday school and Awana. The two bounced around, held hands, and jumped all over the teen attendant. Of all the photos that I took of them, this was my favorite. It just looks like they are sharing some fun little secret that only four year olds can dream up.

We stayed at the bounce house until the crew came to take it down. Brian and I packed up the kiddos and headed off to Part Two of our Easter celebration.....


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