Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brian!

Here are 35 things I love about you.... because you are 35 today!

1. It is so obvious just by looking at you how much you love us.

2. You come up with fun ideas for us as a couple and our family.

3. Our children's spiritual growth is very important to you. 

4. You love your children equally.

5. You are wonderful with children in general.

6. You have such a sweet heart.

7. You were so gentle with me and understanding throughout both of my pregnancies.

 8. You are a harrd worker and wonderful provider for our family.

9. You are my best friend.

10. You take the time to sit with the kids and get into "their world."

11. You are not so tough that you can't get down on the floor to dress up your little girl.

12. We know you are proud of us.

13. I loved the look of pride and awe and love and protectiveness in your eyes the first time you saw our son.

 14. You are so "real". There are no pretentions about you.

15. You love your sports... and you are so knowledgeable in them. You make calls before the announcers do!

16. You have such a love for your daughter.... and she loves you!

17. I love watching you wih the kids. You are so gentle, yet firm with them.

18. I love the talk you had with Ian the day we brought him home. "I want you to love God with all your heart, and I want you to do even better than I did in life."

19. I love that you are over and abundantly truthful. You have been since before we began dating and have been ever since.

20. I love that I can depend on you to help me when I run short of patience or time... even if you have worked hard at your own job all day.

21. Even though you have one hobby (sports), you are willing to give it up at times for our sakes.

 22. You are so handsome! Sigh.... my stomach still flutters when I look at you......

23. I love that you and I have a tradition of having an evening cup of coffee together. It's so nice to have "our thing."

24. I appreciate that you have taken on the role of spiritual leader of our home. It is so freeing for me to know that you get your guidance from the Lord and I just have to follow.

 25. I love how you get involved in Addie's education, whether it is VBS or her actual school time studies.

26. I love that you and I are partners in everything.

27. I love moments when it is just us talking, laughing, having heart to heart conversations, or just being goofy. I have such a blast with you.

28. Thanks for being the one to jump in with both feet.... and for teaching me that it is okay to jump in, too.

 29. You are a grilling master.... don't laugh... with a little more practice, you'll be more comfortable.

30. You have a love for life and people. Even with your least favorite people, you are so kind, friendly, and pleasant. I have a lot to learn from you.

 31. You never put in just a little effort. You also give everything all you have!

32. I love that you are a gracious winner.... and a gracious loser as well.

33. I love that you are so selfless towards us.

 34. I love that you have a great relationship with your parents.

35. I love that you are my biggest fan, supporter, and encourager.

These are only 35 of the million things I love about you.

Happy birthday, my man! I love you dearly. You and your hard work are never taken for granted by me. May God bless you abundantly this year and may He give you many more years.


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