Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reading with the Rays

On Saturday, our library system held its annual kick off to the "Reading with the Rays" program.

We all donned our Rays gear and headed there for the festivities.

The program requires that over the summer the child put in 24 hours worth of reading time (parents of non-readers can read to them), and after reaching that goal, the child earns a free ticket to go to a Rays game and can run the bases after the game is over.

The 24 hours is broken up into reachable incriments with prizes being earned for each goal reached. Our first goal to shoot for is 3 hours of reading time.

We began recording our reading times with Addie when we came home from our morning out, and before her naptime, she a Daddy had logged in 17 minutes! Since then we have racked up a total of 49 minutes of reading time.

Only 1,391 minutes to earn our ticket!


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