Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An Idea For You

We have been in full blown Thanksgiving mode since the end of September. But now that November is almost here, I have my eyes peeled for everything related to Thanksgiving.

I recently came across a website that I wanted to share with you. The First Thanksgiving is a site set up by Scholastic. By signing up (with a free account), you and your child will get a letter from a fictional Pilgrim girl and a fictional boy from from the Wampanoag nation.

Here is an excerpt from the registration letter we received.

Your class will receive a series of letters from Lizzy, a fictional character based on historical records of the 1620s. Lizzy writes from aboard the Mayflower and, after arriving in America, from Plimoth Plantation. She ends with her excited rendering of the first Thanksgiving.

Along with learning about this young Pilgrim girl, your class will also get to know 12-year-old Pometacomet, a fictional member of the Wampanoag nation. He describes when the Mayflower was first spotted, his first impressions of the "coat-men," and, finally, the great feast with the Pilgrims.

All the letters have audio as well, which gives life to Lizzy and Pometacomet and enhances the drama of their stories. In addition, your class will be able to hear the pronunciation of new vocabulary words. The letters appear on a parchment-like background and are accompanied by photographs. The letters arrive on several dates in November, to give your class time to discuss each set.

I cannot wait for us to get our first letters. It is a great way for children to be exposed to the lesson of the Pilgrims and Indians. Just be sure to teach your children through your own research the full truth about the Pilgrims and Native Americans and the purpose of the original Thanksgiving. It is sadly being lost in the way our history is subtly being rewritten to be politically correct.


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