Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seasonally Deprived

How do you know if your child has been deprived of experiencing the change of seasons?

Well, for one, no matter what the temperature is outside, she decides that she absolutely has to wear a sweater of some kind because it is "stylish-y"..... even if it doesn't go with the rest of the outfit...... not that her outfit even matches on this particular day.... well, at least the bows do.

Second, she asks you to get all of the hats down from the entry way closet so she can try them on and "match" them to her different sweaters and outfits.

Third, she asks you to make (crochet) her a new hat that is "stylish-y" (her new word... if you couldn't tell by now).

Well, my "stylish-y" little princess, Mommy and Ian went out yesterday while you were having your sleepover and fun day with Lala (my Aunt Elsa). We picked up a very colorful, varigated yarn with lots of pink in it and I am hoping to have your hat for you by the time you wake up today.

And guess what!

It is going to go perfectly with your outfit!


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