Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas | Things to Do

I am really looking forward to making a whole new season of memories with my family. I have listed some things that we have done in years past, things that are becoming a tradition for us, and I have added some new things that I look forward to making a part of our yearly traditions.

  1. Make Christmas crafts with the kids. (Pinterest has tons of ideas!)
  2. Finally go to our church's Christmas program. (We have wanted to go every year, but have never made it. Maybe this will be the year.)
  3. Attend our town's Christmas parade. (Our home school group will be participating in the parade this year, but I think we are just going to sit on the sidelines and enjoy it.)
  4. Go to several state parks in our area to see their Christmas light displays. (The prices are very reasonable, and there is something about walking around in the cold and looking at Christmas lights that feels good.)
  5. Go to Sea World and/or Busch Gardens to see their Christmas displays. (Sea World is a definite. If we decide to do Busch Gardens, it will be a late date night for Brian and me.)
  6. Go to the mall and see the musical Christmas tree. (A yearly tradition for us. We usually meet up with my sister Faye and her husband and then spend time with them.)
  7. Go to Barnes and Noble and get more info on my Christmas gift. (My gift from Brian was a Nook Color Tablet put out by Barnes & Noble. I can't wait to talk to someone who can show me everything my Tablet has to offer.)
  8. Have a snowball fight and make a snowman with the kids (Totally possible here in sunny Florida! Just wait until you see how we do this!)
  9. Attend a Christmas party for the kids. (Our home school group is hosting a Christmas party for the elementary group. I am hoping to attend with the kids.)
  10. Decorate some of our gift wrapping using my kids' feet (you'll see :)
  11. Make a Nativity scene with Addie using toilet paper rolls- one of my favorite craft items! (here)
  12. Celebrate Advent using a gift for each day. (I did this last year just by wrapping up books, CDs, and movies that we already had and having Addie open one up every day. I'll be doing the same again this year. A post with my list of books, movies, and CDs will be up on Tuesday, Lord willing.)
  13. Read to Addie by the light of the Christmas tree. (I read to Addie at night before bed anyway, but how sweet is it to get a soft cozy blanket and snuggle up close to the tree and read a story or two. We have already begun doing this and it has been just wonderful!)
Have you made a list of things you would like to do this Christmas? I'd love to hear what your list includes.

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