Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Looking Back | Our Fall To Do List

I love giving goals (making lists- same thing!) for myself to accomplish, which helps me live more purposefully instead of just floating through life and randomly accomplishing things.

At the end of the summer, I went back over my "to-do with the kids and family over the summer" list and checked to see how many things we had done. It was really nice seeing how many things we had accomplished and done. How we had be actively involved in living life and not just sitting back and watching it happen (something Brian and I have talked about quite a bit).

So here is our review of the fall list with a few pics to go along. (I realize that fall is officially not over yet as far as the calendar goes, but really, don't we all have Christmas on the brain at this point?)

Going through a corn maze- Early in the fall we took a field trip to a farm that featured a corn maze. It was a lot of fun, especially since we went through it with some friends.
Picking a pumpkin. Okay, we did not actually pick this pumpkin, but Ian would have picked it if it had been an option. Instead, we opted for those baby pumpkins and squash  that are used for decorating (Addie got to pick one for each member of the family). I had two children, a stroller, a diaper bag, a couple of lunch boxes, and only two hands. A full sized pumpkin just didn't fit into the equation.
Raking leaves- we haven't gotten to this one.... yet.
Taking a hay ride- we did this on the day we went to the farm. The ride helped Ian relax enough so that he could fall asleep quickly after the ride was done.
Learning about the Pilgrims and making crafts that will help Addie remember the things she is taught- I think this is one thing that I probably over did (as if that is possible). We made a hat of the Mayflower, tee pee snacks, Pilgrim napkin holders, and a toilet paper tube version of Squanto.

Baking a pumpkin pie and pumpkin muffins with Addie- we made banana bread (haha!) I should have just set baking as my goal!
Keeping our "cookie jar" consistently filled with homemade cookies- did! It doesn't help that Brian and I have been working on not eating so much. That is when self-control and children come in to play.
When the weather gets cooler, intentionally going outside with the kids to spend time playing for at least 30 minutes a day. This was the time of year Floridians live for! Little Bud would get so excited when I would grab his shoes because he knew that meant we were going outside. Addie kept track of how many days we went outside. Many times, we would be outside waiting for Brian to come home from work.

Watching Squanto: A Warrior's Tale as a family the night before Thanksgiving- we did watch it, just not that night.
Finding a couple of movies that are Addie friendly about the Pilgrims-  I ordered through eBay a book about Squanto and the "Mouse on the Mayflower" movie that I remember watching as a little girl. I had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving ordered too, but I never received it (thankfully, I was reimbursed by the seller). We watched The Mouse on the Mayflower so many times that I am afraid I will never, ever forget the theme song for the rest of my life.... "Mayflower..... Mayflower....."
I am still in the process of making my Christmas "to-do" list. I will probably have it finished for Friday.... if I don't find myself outside raking leaves :) See you tomorrow!


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