Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful | Home

I am thankful for HOME.
It is not just a building. It is so much more than that. Although, I am abundantly thankful for the building that we live in, because I do love it, I am thankful for what HOME means and represents to me and our family.
HOME is a place where I can celebrate the wonderful events and holidays that mean so much to us, and we can celebrate our way by creating new traditions that are unique to us.
HOME is a place where our children will experience many of their firsts.
(Addie on her first date with Daddy)
HOME is where we learn what is socially acceptable and what is not so when go to someone else's HOME we are on our best behavior. (Ian gently learned after this that he is not allowed to take things off of the bookcase shelves. We have not had another episode of this kind.)

HOME is a place for us to explore and discover in safety.

HOME is place where everyone lends a hand to make the load easier even if it's not "our job."

HOME is a place of fun activities and moments that bond us and build relationships... even if the activity itself would be easier done on my own. (Addie was really excited about cooking with me, she was just done taking pictures.... I think this was our third attempt at a self-portrait.) 
HOME is a place where we try to share our excitement with each other..... even if what is making us excited holds no interest for the other.

HOME for us is also our school where we learn not only academics but about every other aspect of life.

HOME is a place where we can welcome others to relax, enjoy themselves, kick back with no worries..... or be stressed for four hours out of their lives (Brian's Fantasy Football Draft Day. Poor guy looks so stressed here!)

HOME is where we can be ourselves, wear what we want, and not care what others think of our outfit combinations. (Addie being her stylish self. She really put a lot of thought into that outfit :)

HOME is where we look forward to coming at the end of the day, whether our day has been fun and exciting or unbelievably difficult. It is nice to know that HOME is the place that we come back to.
Thank you, God, for our HOME.


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