Friday, January 11, 2013

Living Life | Week 2

Beginning on Christmas Day, I began having a cough from deep in my chest that would not go away. It just stayed at the "cough stage" for a week and a half until Friday January 4 when it turned itno a full blown cold- runny nose, etc.
 Addie kept telling me to find out who gave me the cold and give it back to them! Ha! If only I could give it back!
But there was no way I was going to let this cold keep me down (at least on Saturday) and from living life. So I began taking Alka-seltzer Plus Cold to control my symptoms.

On Saturday, Addie and I went to Home Depot for their craft project. It was our first time participting and we really enjoyed it. It may even become a monthly activity, and this time we were able to check one more thing off of our art curicullum list- build a bird house.
Unfortunately, Brian and I both ended up being hit pretty hard with this bug, so we stayed home all weekend and the beginning of the week (Brian went back to work on Wednesday), but we tried to keep from having the kids bored out of their minds.
Addie dressed like princess four days out of this week. Why? Because she could! Don't you wish you could be an almost 5 year old sometimes?

Ian has enjoyed his school time. He has seen Addie and me get ready for school and has pointed to his paper and crayon on the table and then makes an "Eh, eh!" sound which seems to be interpreted as, "Me, too!" He has tasted both the purple crayon from last week and the blue crayon from this week. He didn't seem to enjoy the flavor of the blue one. Hopefully, that will help him stop tasting colors.
Cooking has been a pleasure that I have enjoyed this week despite being under the weather. I have found some great recipes on Pinterest (one has become a favorite with Brian right now), and they are pretty healthy, too! If you love chili, this crock pot recipe is awesome. I have made it twice now and left overs have not been an issue.
One adventure we did have was getting up early with Daddy and driving to his office two days in a row. The first day (one of the days he stayed home sick), his truck was needed for a coworker to use. We all drove down to his office (he in his truck an us in the family vehicle), he dropped off his truck, and then we all drove back home together (Addie dressed in her princess dress for this outing). The next morning, when Brian had to go to work, we all drove him to work since his work vehicle was at the office. Ian was not happy having to say goodbye to Daddy that morning.
 Today, Addie and I will be completing her Social Studies and Science books (woohoo!). We will also be having a lunch date together (with Ian, of course!) with the lunch vouchers she has earned from reading books at the library, and making two fun stops along the way.
Strawberry season is here in Florida, and I have some ideas on how we can make an adventure for ourselves in the next week or two. I am looking forward to being completely over this bug so we can resume our adventures in life and have a great time together as a family.


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