Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simplicity | Live Life | Evening Routine

Last week, I mentioned in a post that Brian and I have begun an evening and morning routine. It is not a concept that is foreign to us, but knowing that we must stick to these items in the evening as part of "the routine" means that we cannot skip a night because we are too tired.

Brian and I have been turning off the TV a little earlier in the evening, before the "I'm too tired" bug hits. We work together as a team to get a few of our "like" items done quickly, and then move on to our other items.

Sometimes a few items are taken care of before the "evening routine" time, because that is just how it happens.

Here is my list for the Evening Routine.

  1. 15 minute clutter pick up- It only takes 15 minutes (if that) because we pick up after ourselves throughout the day. The kids pick up and put away their toys before bed. Basically what we are picking up are our coffee mugs and dessert plate from "our time".
  2. Make Brian's lunch- Having Brian's lunch made in the evening actually takes less time than trying to make it in the morning (go figure!). What can be put into his lunch cooler in the evening is placed there, and everything else is refrigerated until the morning. This is also the time I prep the coffee maker. 
  3. Clean the kitchen- Again, this only takes a few moments because I clean the kitchen as I cook and immediately after dinner. All I am putting away are the last few dishes we used.
  4. Set out my clothes for the next day- Being able to walk into my bathroom and see my outfit hanging there is another thing I don't have to bother thinking about first thing in the morning.
  5. Read- I have always loved reading, so reading is kind of a treat I can enjoy for finishing up all of my other tasks. It also helps to relax me so that I can fall right to sleep.
Taking care of these things at night actually cause me to want to wake up the next morning! And when you want to wake up in the morning, it starts out as being a great day.


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