Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When You Do Too Much.......

There are weeks that I find that I have spread myself too thin. Because of reasons beyond my control, I have three to four back-to-back days of constant activity which we thoroughly enjoy, but by then end, we are worn out.

For me, by the end of those busy days, I find that

  • my laundry has backed up
  • my cleaning schedule is off
  • I am too tired to wake up as early as I am supposed to
  • I fall asleep on the couch before I have a chance to finish up my Evening Routine
  • I skip days on the blog because there isn't enough time 
So, what do I do?

My first calm day, I start all over again.
  • I do one, maybe two, loads of laundry
  • I vacuum the house and clean one room/set of rooms
  • I get on the floor and play or read with the kids
It usually takes a day or two for life to get back to normal for us, and I guess that is the nice part of having a "normal." It is easy to get back to, and you know when you have arrived.

Sometimes "normal" can seem boring and mundane when you have many consecutive of it. But when "normal" is what you want to get back to, it can really seem like a safe haven from the  whirlwind of busy days. 


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