Monday, April 8, 2013

The Resurrection Eggs

For the week and a half before Easter, Addie and I went through the book Benjamin's Box and opened the correlating egg from the Resurrection Eggs set. We had such a wonderful time doing this together.

Then she asked me if she could tell me what each of the items in the eggs stood for. I should have pulled out my camera and recorded her on her first attempt. She floored me!

I decided to have her do it again (this time with my camera in hand). We did this twice. Our first take is actually my favorite. Addie was completely Addie. But some of her "facts" were way off (like when she said, "Jesus said, 'This might be my blood, but it's really not.'" I understood where that came from- my trying to explain that they weren't really drinking His blood- but if someone else didn't understand the "why" of why she said it, it could be taken the wrong way) and her expressions in some of the more solemn and somber parts are actually funny. She is such an expressive little girl. A total actress!

I am playing the second "take" for you today.

As you watch there are a few things I would like to point out.
  1. I love how she says "Jerusalem". Way beyond cute! And I have no intention of correcting her anytime soon. She'll learn enunciation soon enough and all of her cute mispronunciations will be long gone.
  2. Her verb usage is completely off but completely adorable! "Standed for," "roded on," etc.
  3. She is very confident in what she is saying. Even if she is way off on something, she says it with such conviction that unless the listener knows she wrong you would think she is being very accurate and factual.
  4. She says that there was juice at the last supper. Juice. Wine. It all comes from a grape as far as I am concerned right now. She's 5.
  5. I do ask her a few questions about the cup trying to get her to say what she told me in the first take- that this was the Last Supper. I had no idea she even knew that! It is amazing what they really do pick up.
  6. "Stinky egg!" When something doesn't go the right way in our family, we usually say "Stinky coffee maker! Stinky crayons!" Why? Who knows! It is just our expression :)
  7. She has a hard time understanding that the soldiers put the spear in Jesus' side after he had already died. Maybe she will understand it next year.
The beauty of parenting is that we are laying building blocks every time we do something with our children. Every day, week, month, season, or year, we add another layer to what has already been laid. I look forward to next year when I can compare that video to this year's video and see how much her understanding of the Easter account has grown.

Resurrection Eggs Take Two from Suzette Ladouceur on Vimeo.


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