Friday, May 10, 2013

100 Days of Summer

I am so excited about summer this year! I have so many goals and plans, but from Christmas time I learned not to actual publish them until after we do them.

As each new season approaches, it is so much fun to go onto Pinterest and pin away. Once the season begins, even though we have so many ideas and pins, it is so easy to draw a blank.

The eBook, 100 Days of Summer, is only $5 (I am receiving no compensation for this) yet gives so many ideas, lists (which you know I am all about), recipes, and links to other helps. I have already read through the book (1 page per day of summer), and I am so excited for summer to officially start, which the book begins at Memorial Day.

I bought my own notebook on the same day we bought Addie's and I have already begun writing down my plans and ideas so that I am ready for each holiday and moment this summer.

This season, I have a plan, but I am open to change. I have certain dates lined up for activities (such as our blueberry "hunting" adventure pictured above. Yes, that is what Addie called it.), but nothing is set in stone. I want to plan fun moments for my children, but when family and friends reach out for us, I want to be flexible enough to adjust our plans.

I also need to make sure that our summer includes lots planned activities but also planned rest. I don't want everyday to so pack with adventure that we are burned out half way through summer. Planned rest to me means scheduling days that are non-negotiable go nowhere, have no one over, do nothing overly active at home days.

Exciting days ahead for our little family! Bring on summer!


  1. I love planning and researching ideas for our summer. When I do...we always have such a productive and fun summer.


  2. I want this book! Thanks for the idea suzette, it sounds like a great book!



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