Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beach Babies

Yesterday, we had an adventure.

I already knew that I wanted to take the kids to the beach, but I was waiting to make sure the weather was going to be agreeable to finalize my plans. We called Grandma and asked if she wanted to join us, and we were off.

What does one pack for a three hour adventure to the beach?

Hats (we don't want heads overheating or burning)
Sunscreen (for the kids, but don't forget to protect your skin, too. I forgot. My shoulder is regretting it now.)
Water bottles, juice pouches, sippies (just being around water will not hydrate your body)
Plastic sandwich containers (no one likes to eat squished sandwiches. Also creates less trash to worry about later)
A variety of finger/snack foods (I know my kids would rather play than eat, so having snack foods helps to fill them without interrupting their play too much)
Sand toys (not a whole lot because you only have so many hands, but enough to make building a castle doable)
Flip flops (sand will not get trapped inside and they can easily be rinsed off)
Camera (you need a way to capture the memory)
Sunglasses (the sun will be bright)

We had such a great time yesterday and nap time lasted about 3 hours after. My favorite parts were watching Addie run between the water and sand while trying to make her sand castle and Ian splashing his heart out. I am also so thankful that Grandma came with us. Four hands make it so much easier to enjoy this type of outing than just my two.

Next week I am going to start a series on Ma Ingalls and what I have learned from her.

Have a great weekend!


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