Friday, June 28, 2013

Having a Safety Word

This our final installment in the series on "Safety Measures". There is so much for us to do in teaching and training our children, but hopefully this week has given you some ideas on what to go over with them.

Today we are going to go over the "Safety Word" and practicing with our children how they should respond in any given situation.

The purpose of a "safety word" is to keep your child from falling for the "your mother asked me to get you for her..." scam. This is a word that you, your spouse, and your child(ren) know, but no one else does (you never want anyone slipping and sharing the word around) unless an emergency comes up and you need someone unexpected to get your child for you. You would tell this person the word, and when they get your child, your child should know to only go with  them if they say the "safety word". Depending on your level of trust with the people in your circle, you may need to change this word periodically. 

Now, obviously, there are some people who do not need to use this word when getting your child, unless your situation is very complicated, then everyone should need to use this word. Addie has been told who does not need to use the special word. When reviewing our word, I will ask her who does not need to use the word. She then lists off who does not need to use it. Then I'll ask her "what if so-and-so (extended family and friends) comes to get you?" and she responds with, "They have to use the special word."

Have you ever gone over with your child what they need to do if someone tries to physically grab your child? This is also very important to practice with your child, not to induce fear but so that they can respond in the moment without panicking. For my own children's safety, I will not be going over specifics of what I have taught them, but your child should be taught what to yell so people around them will realize that your child in not throwing a tantrum but is in danger. They should also be taught what to do if their mouth is covered.

Sadly, we live in a time when children can't live as carefree as they once could. As parents, we must provide our children with the information they need in order for them to be safe. 


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