Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ma Ingalls: Simple Was Her Way of Life (Part Two)

Yesterday, we looked at three aspects of Caroline Ingalls life and how simplicity was not a luxury for her, it was her way of life. Today, we are going to look at three other aspects of her life and how simple they were. Then, as with yesterday, I will let you personalize the lessons for your own situation.

Simple meals- food is made to be eaten. Yet we have this pressure to make our meals to be on the next cover of Martha Stewart Living. On Pinterest, there is not one cherry tomato out of place in the example photo and each crumble of feta has been proportionally placed. Caroline didn't worry about that. Her family ate from the supply that they had. It was not unusual for their dinner to consist of homemade bread and cheese. When Caroline made her butter, she made a few butter pads in a mold with a strawberry etching on it so her "company butter" would be prettier than the everyday butter, but the stress of displaying her food beautifully was not one she had.

Simple faith- because when they lived in the Big Woods going to church was not even an option, Charles and Caroline found another way to remember the Sabbath. On Sunday morning, everyone dressed in their best clothes after having a bath the night before, Charles would read a passage to the family and the rest of the day was spent sitting, reading, and only doing what was necessary for the family and animals to function. How different is that from how Sundays are now! Now we have a million things to do, so many activities to attend in church and outside of church, and we wonder why we are so tired on Monday morning.

Simple parties- when it comes to any given party, our goal in today's world is to throw the best, Pinterest worthy gathering known to man. We are expected to have an elaborate table setting, menu, games, theme, and make our party the talk of the town. Caroline would bake a cake for the family to share and. Simple dinner and gift were all the "guest of honor" expected.

In our efforts to be simple, we must also teach our children of the art of simplicity. It is a skill that will serve them well in life and will keep them focused on the important- their relationship with The Lord and their relationship with those around them.

The following link will take you to a YouTube video featuring the song, Tis a Gift to Be Simple. The tune itself is so simple and clean and is a sweet reminder of the  Simple Gift of simplicity.


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