Friday, July 19, 2013

Collect: The Photo Journal App

I have discovered a wonderful (free!) app for my phone (iPhone 4). It is called Collect and it is ideal for someone (like me) who loves taking pictures and wants a way to record the memories we make as a family without the clutter and pressure of scrapbooking. This is even perfect for parents of a newborn (wink, wink to my sister and brother-in-law) to capture the subtle changes that babies go through over a one year period without the pressure of keeping up with a baby book.

Each day, I am given an alert to remind me to add a picture from my day to the calendar. Even if I forget to add my photo one day, I can go back and add photos when I have the time. After a photo is added, there is an area to write down a caption for the photo. 

I already love how the calendar looks and we are only half way through the month. Can you imagine what a whole year will look like?



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