Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flash Back Post for Today | High Expectations

Through out the summer I have taken a bit of a break. Instead of writing daily as I have been for almost the last 5 years, I have only been writing 3 times a week. On my off days, I have been sharing with my Face Book fans some of my posts from the archives. For me, it has been a good "break," and by going back to the archives, it has given me some good memory lane moments. I can't believe how easy it is to forget some of the things I have done with my kids, what life was like with one, some of our milestones as a family, and so on.

Because I realize that not everyone has a Face Book account, I am going to let you know which posts we are looking back at on the "off" days. (I don't want anyone feeling left out!)

Today, we are looking back at the post titled High Expectations. Just click on the highlighted link (the title of the flashback post) and it will take you to the post of the day.

If you do have a Face Book account and have not yet joined our little community, feel free to join us. I promise you that I will not bombard your news feed. Typically, you will only receive 2-3 updates from me daily- one being the "what's on the blog today" update.

Have a great day today!


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