Friday, November 22, 2013

Today, I Am Mom

Typically I have my blog posts done about a week ahead of time, and each day I work to keep myself ahead of the game. This has served me well this week as our entire family became sick with a virus.

Rather than keeping up with my blogging schedule, helping in Awana, keeping up with everything here at home, or rushing off to co-op, I was simply me, Suzette- a wife who had to care for her sick husband, a woman who had to call in reinforcements so I could sleep an entire day away in order to recuperate from fevers and chills as quickly as possible, and a mommy who sat with my two feverish little ones on the couch and cuddled while watching A Bug's Life, Cars 2, Doc McStuffins, and Little House on the Prairie.
Health-wise this week has been rough.

As a family, this week has been beautiful.

I have seen my husband work just as hard as ever despite how sick he has felt because he did not want to let us or his customers down.

I have seen Addie watch out for and care for her little brother when I was unable to move.

I have seen my cousin reach out to lend a hand by watching my children for about 24 hours despite the risk of bringing the "bug" into her own home.

I have seen, for myself, how good removing everything from our schedule is and just cuddling two children who don't feel well.

I have seen our two year old learn empathy and caring as he sincerely asks every person who coughs or sneezes, "Are you okay?"

I have also learned that a bowl of strawberries and watermelon should not be the lunch of choice for a child who does not realize she is about to have an upset stomach.

Next week, I'll work on getting myself at least a week ahead of schedule on here, getting my laundry pile back down to a reasonable size, making all of the meals that were on my meal plan for this week, getting a couple of school days in, and.....

.....sitting back and enjoying Thanksgiving.

 This week has definitely taught me that it is okay to sit back and enjoy right now

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