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...on December 15, was one of the most wonderful days of my life.

Brian and I had begun dating each other on July 11, 2003 and by October he had asked my parents for permission to marry me. During our dating time, we saw each other several times during the week (okay, almost every day), and he would spend most of Saturday with me and pretty much all day on Sunday.

We also spent a lot of time with our families, hanging out with my family, his parents, and with all of us together. When we weren't with each other, we were on the phone. In fact, we spent so much time on the phone that my parents made me get my own phone line (people would ask my parents if something was wrong with their phone because they couldn't get a hold of them- oops!). Our telephone time did give us a great foundation in communication, and we reached the point early in our relationship where we would finish each other's sentences and knew what the other was thinking because our communication skills had been well sharpened.

I had a feeling that Brian might propose to me on Christmas Eve, so I bought a black velvet skirt and top with silver glitter to wear for that evening (everyone knows that diamonds look stunning against black velvet!).

I had it all planned out.

At the beginning of December, I sent home a note with my students asking their parents to send them to school on December 15th with a red, green, or white shirt/top because we were going to take a Christmas picture as a class. I decided that I would wear my Christmas Eve "proposal outfit" for our picture as well. I asked Dad to meet my class in the church sanctuary (I was teaching at our church's academy at the time and Dad was on the church staff) to take the picture.

Everything was set.

On the evening of December 14th, my mother asked me to paint her nails. We sat down in the breakfast nook, and I began taking her polish off and repainting her nails. As I was working on her nails, she began to smudge her nails on mine. She asked if I wanted her to fix my nails, but I was tired and decided that I would just clean off my nails and go to bed. If you didn't know my mother, she was persistent. She was not deterred and did everything she could to convince me to do my nails over. However, I decided to just go to bed.

Little did I know...

The next day, I took my black velvet outfit with me to work and made sure that everything was in order for our class Christmas picture. Our principal told us during our morning devotions that we would be having a fire drill that morning sometime between 9:00 and 10:00. No problem, I thought. I will be back from our picture in time for the drill, and I'll make sure that my students are wearing their jackets since it is cold outside.

Oh, the conscientious teacher that I was!

We had two cameras at home. One worked, one didn't, and neither were digital. Faye insisted that she needed a camera that day as well, and I wasn't sure which camera I had been left with. As soon as all of my students were accounted for, I took them over to the sanctuary, and we took our pictures. Dad watched my students as I changed back into my school clothes from my black velvet, Christmas Eve proposal outfit.

I knew that the fire drill was coming, so I didn't begin any lessons with my students. I had them doing their seat work while wearing their jackets so we would be ready. Then at 9:30 a.m. I heard a fire engine siren, and then the fire alarm went off.

That is odd, I thought. Maybe the fire department hadn't been alerted that this was only a drill.

We made our way down the stairs and to my surprise, there was Dad video taping us. My analytical mind began working. Maybe he is taping us so that the teachers can see what areas we need improvement in during fire drills.

And then, as we walked outside, there were fire trucks in the parking lot.

In case of a real emergency, there would be fire trucks in the parking lot. This is great practice for us to learn to maneuver through the emergency vehicles.

After the alarms were turned off, all of the classes were called over for a fire safety presentation. This is the best fire drill we've ever had! I thought. A fire safety presentation after the fire drill. What better way to reinforce this to the kids! (me and my analytical mind)

One of the fire men asked where the 4th grade class was, and my students and I raised our hands. Wow! No one ever thinks of 4th graders! They either cater to the K5 group or the older kids! The fireman asked for my name and then asked the students if they wanted to see me dressed as a fire man. Of course, they said yes!

The fireman (who was not dressed in his gear) called over one of the firemen, who was in full gear, because he was closer to my size and asked him to take off his mask so I could put it on. His mask got stuck! So they took him behind me and turned me to face the students. The fireman beside me began asking the students some fire safety questions, and then it happened.

The fireman in full gear came around to my side. I looked at him and thought, "My word, he looks so familiar." I kid you not! It was one of those moments when someone is not where they are supposed to be (like work), at a strange time (fire drill), and they are dressed in a uniform that does not fit their job description (Brian is a telephone technician not a fireman) so you don't recognize them.

One of my students yelled out, "It's Mr. Ladouceur!" My mouth dropped open as I suddenly realized why he was there.

He got down on one knee, opened the ring box, looked up at me, and said, "Will you marry me?" I was in shock!

And the outfit I had planned to wear for my engagement was upstairs in my classroom!

It took me a second to shake myself out of the shock I was in, but I managed to say "Yes!"

And that is when we had our first hug (we saved our first kiss for our wedding). Suddenly my mother, Brian's parents, my aunt Elsa, and my cousin Lisa appeared out of nowhere. They had been hiding in one of the buildings waiting for the moment.

Out of complete nervousness, Brian put the ring on my right ring finger. He had held my left hand the entire time he was proposing, but when the moment came, he took my right hand and put the ring on. Because we were both so cold and the nerves were going, we couldn't get the ring off!

It was a good thing that my students were wearing their jackets because we ended up staying outside for a while after every one else went back to their classrooms.

It is such a wonderful memory.

No, the class picture never came out (I had the bad camera). No, we never did any of our lessons that day (my head was somewhere other than my classroom all day), but I did wear my outfit for Christmas Eve, and the ring looked beautiful against it.

Brian, thank you for asking me to marry you. I am so proud to call myself your wife.


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