Monday, December 30, 2013

My Word for 2014

As you know, I don't make resolutions for the New Year.

Yes, I make goals to reach (I am naturally a goal oriented person), but I don't resolve to do any specific thing that I am gung ho about for January, lose steam for in February, and completely forget about by March.

My word for this year is


Whether that action be in moving to get in some exercise or seeing something that needs to be done and doing it immediately or going somewhere on a lazy Saturday instead of just hanging around the house.

Making things happen.

Getting down on the floor and crawling around with the kids instead of getting down on the floor and just sitting.

Doing things.

Going places.

Going on a new adventure.

That is what I want to accomplish this year.

How about you?

What is the one word you would like to focus on for this year?


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