Monday, April 28, 2014

Don't Give Up

Mom, sometimes you may feel that what you are doing does not make much of a difference.

But don't give up.

You may feel that you are constantly repeating the same thing to your child without seeing any results.

But don't give up.

You may get tired of teaching your child because it doesn't seem that anything you are saying is sticking.

But don't give up.


Because when you least expect it, when you are in the middle of something completely unrelated to the lesson you have been trying to teach, when you are in a place where cannot even fully appreciate the moment.....

it will happen.

We have been teaching our two and a half year old son that Jesus loves him and wants to live in his heart consistently for literally two and a half years, yet he never said anything to show an understanding of that. Yes, he would mimic us as we would have our very simple lesson, but that was really all it was- mimicking.

The day before Easter, we were driving past a billboard that a local church has on a main road. The billboard had a silhouette of Jesus on the cross and the outline of a heart in the background. 

That is when our moment happened.

From the back seat, a sweet little voice piped up, "Jesus loves me, and I give him my heart."

At a moment when I least expected it, when I couldn't jump up and down in excitement, when it really wasn't even on our minds, the lesson I had been teaching my son finally sank in and came back as a moment of encouragement to not give up.

Your moment will come, too.

Just don't give up.


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