Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mom Jobs | It Works

Many moms are trying to find ways to either bring in an income or supplement their family's income in some way without having to take any more time away from their family than necessary. Many companies are now hearing this cry from moms and are coming up with ways for them to make an income from home.

One company, called It Works, has developed a line of botanically based products that reduces the appearance of cellulite. They have also developed other products that provide dietary supplements and hair care products. I personally have 3 friends that sell these products. One of my friends, my cousin Betzaida, works full time and does this as a side job.

I asked her a few questions about It Works to find out more about it and how it works.

How much time do you spend working on this per week? 

10 hours a week- advertising, networking, getting people to try products.

How much is the initial cost?

It costs $99 for the start up kit. Then there is an additional $20 per month back office fee for materials to help promote your business. There is also an auto-shipment fee to keep a minimum purchase of products coming in order to maintain your business.

Do you believe in the products?

Yes I do. Even though I have to spend in order to keep my auto shipment coming, I make it back from the sale of the products.

Do these products actually work?

Yes. I tried them myself before I shared them with others. I didn't want to put products on my friends that didn't work. I'm not one for ripping people off, so I wanted to make sure these were good products before selling them and building a business on them.

As a mom, why do you like having this as a side job? 

I see potential of it becoming a full time job so I can stay at home for my boys. If you think about it, what do most people do? We are constantly on social media! Why not use something I enjoy as a way to generate business and an income?

As Betsy (what I have always called her) was telling me about her business, she received a phone call from someone who wanted to buy a wrap from her. She went out to meet them and then had to hang up with me for a few minutes as she ran into three other people who needed to place orders with her for different It Works products.

My cousin offered me a chance to try a wrap free of charge. How awesome is that! (I told her that in return, I would share about my experience on the blog.)

I knew I would need about 45 minutes with no interruption, and for me that comes at nap time. Once the kids went down I went into my bathroom, followed the directions on the packaging..... and began to clean out my closet. Seriously! I was totally able to do something else while having the wrap on.

I chose to use it on my belly (hence why I will not be showing pictures of my own personal results), because after two babies and countless late night desserts with my honey, well..... it is just not going down.

Now, I know that healthy eating and exercise are key to weight loss and management, but sometimes we need a little bit of a kick start to get us going.

For me, this was it!

No, I did not lose weight, but my belly developed a certain smoothness in its appearance that was not there before. I missed the part where I had to drink a lot of water to get the full benefits of the detoxification (which is what is happening to cause the affect you see), but if I had actually drunk water, my results would have been even better... and I was pretty pleased with my results. I sent pictures to my cousin so she could see my results, and we both had a good laugh (there is just something really horrifyingly funny about looking at a photo of your own belly).

Would I ever Wrap again? Absolutely! Sometimes, just feeling a little bit better about the appearance of your body is enough to motivate you into doing a little bit more.

If you would like more information about It Works or would like to talk to someone about getting started yourself, here would be a good place to start.


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