Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our Summer Notebooking Journal

We did a little bit of notebook journaling last summer, but not too much since it was our very first official break from school "stuff" and learning since she was 18 months old (poor child!).

This year, her notebook journal is one of her things to do daily. The best part is seeing her enjoy her daily activity.

It has been so much fun to pull this together for her and to see her look forward to certain pages in her notebook.

Would you like to do one with your children?

Here are the supplies you will need.


That's it! You probably already have all of these things at home!

You could definitely make it bigger or more elaborate if you chose to, but this is really all you need.

One thing I did was to make the pages relevant to what we were doing on a particular day, and geared some pages toward things she needed review on. I also thought it would be fun for her to learn cursive over the summer, but not with a "school" feeling.

Now, how about some ideas for your notebook? Feel free to add these pages and ideas into your child's notebook. (I will be adding to this list throughout the summer as I add pages to her notebook. If you follow on Facebook or Twitter, I'll let you know when I have added to the list.)

1. Write the number 6 six times. Draw six blueberries (we went blueberry picking that day). Color them blue.

2. Draw the kind of dog you wish you could have. Guess how to spell Sarah and Alyson's big dog's name. (These were the friends we were visiting that day.)

3. Copy one sentence from any book that you want. (Reviewing copy work)

4. Trace your hand. Count by 5 for each finger. Decorate! (Reviewing counting by 5s)

5. We are going to learn cursive! Trace my A's. Trace my a's. Great job!

6. Write 6 cursive A's. Write 6 cursive a's. Draw something that starts with and A. Spell it.

7. A page with 9 math problems equivalent to what she did at the end of first grade.

8. (I drew a "princess" dress) Color and decorate her dress.

9. Name 5 things that make you happy.

10. (cursive) Trace my B's. Trace my b's. Write 5 A's. Write 5 a's.

11. Find John 11:35 in my Bible. Copy it.

12. Say this 3 times. "1 minute= 60 seconds. 1 hour= 60 minutes. 1 day= 24 hours." Draw a clock.

13. Draw our family.

14. Trace your foot. How many inches is it? ____________in.

Do you notebook with your child over the summer? 
Do you have any ideas for pages to include in a notebook journal? Share them in the comments. We would love some more ideas!

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