Thursday, June 4, 2009

As for Me and My House...

Back in February, our church hosted a two week revival. Brian and I were both ministered to during that time in ways that required action on our part. On our way home one evening during that two week period, Brian made the comment that he wanted me to somehow put the verse Joshua 24:15 on a wall in our home so that we could have a constant reminder of Who was really in control of our home. I immediately knew the perfect spot for the verse. I cut out the letters on black card stock using my Cricut (later I found out that Cricut makes vinyl for rubbing onto walls- just my luck!), used my scrapbooking adhesive squares, and put the verse up on the main wall of the house. This wall stands in the center of our main room to give a slight definition to the three rooms and entry way. It is the wall you always have to pass to go from one side of the house to the other. It is the wall that holds the highest point of the house. It is the wall that now holds a visual sign to all who enter that the Lord is the Foundation for our home. I look forward to sharing with you in the future other glimpses around the house.
My sweet little girl is in the process of teething...again. She now has a total of 8 teeth (one of the eight is breaking through). But my sweet little girl remains her sweet little self- playing, learning, and exploring. Everyday we watch a couple of "learning to read" DVDs. One of them is the Leap Frog Letter Factory. Two weeks ago she began making the sounds to the letters S,T, M, and N (in that order). Yesterday, she made the A sound with the video instead of waiting for them to say it first. Mommy was SO proud. I got right on the phone and called Daddy to let him know about our God-gifted girl. We realize that God is the One who ultimately gives knowledge and understanding, so He gets the credit. We are only doing our part in spending time with and teaching her.
And just by way of an update...yesterday I said that I was going to wrap some Christmas presents, and I did. I just want it to be very clear that I don't just write stuff, I actually do what I write about:) And for tomorrow's post I will be posting a picture from Mother's Day. In the May 11th post from Yahoo 360 I mentioned that I would try making a layout and posting it. Well, I tried making the layout, but our old computer began acting up. We have since gotten a new computer (I still have to install the scrapbook program on it), and, because I am able to upload larger sized pictures on this site (yipeee!), I will be able to post the actual pictures for you. Have a great day!


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