Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mother's Day and Some Kitchen Time

What a wonderful day it has been. Addie and I ventured out this morning and made a stop in my parent's neighborhood to spend time with one of my mother's dearest friends and neighbor, Lena. I had called her to see if she would be home, and then we showed up. Her husband, Nelson, played with and watched Addie for me so I could sit and chat with Lena over some cheese cubes (I love cheese!) and a Puerto Rican jelly roll (delicious!). Then we continued on our morning adventure and stopped at Target, Walmart (where we got stuck for a while because of a torrential thunderstorm), and Michael's. We did a little more Christmas shopping (will do my wrapping this weekend), got some Father's Day stuff, and I picked up some of those Crayola crayon holders for babies (one set for the bathtub and one for regular coloring). Ooooh, I can't wait for her bath time so we- I mean she- can play with them!

But the day is not nearly over. Today was Faye's last day of work for the summer (she's a teacher), and she is really excited about that. Brian will be coming home soon. I thank God everyday for the life that He has blessed me with, and I ask for His wisdom to make the most of every moment He gives us.
Here is a picture from Mother's Day that I had promised to show you back in May. Instead of buying Mom flowers that would wilt and die within a few days, we opted for silk flowers purchased at a local Walmart. Mom was always particular about her flower arrangements (she had a knack for putting anything together and making it beautiful), so we let Faye arrange the flowers for us (she has been blessed with that same "knack"). Last year, as I had mentioned, Addie was only 2 1/2 months old. This year, she was able to walk around and even pulled off a flower.
I have had a blast in the kitchen this past week. My dad has a membership to Sam's Club, and, while he was there recently, was given a cookbook that had a pre-made grocery list and recipes for two weeks worth of meals. On Monday, Addie and I ventured out together (I have the best little shopping buddy) and purchased everything we needed for the next two weeks of meals in addition to other items we needed around here. The total receipt came to $130.00 for a two week period (and remember that included other items not on the actual grocery food, fruits, etc.), and I will only need to make a milk stop in between.

So far, I have gotten rave reviews about the meals, and I have even been asked to make some again. I love having a different, new meal for my family every night, and they love having something other than "the usual". We have already had creamy chicken pot pie (a real hit!), south-of-the-border chicken and pasta skillet (and even bigger hit!), cheesy salsa mini meatloaves (delicious), and quick pasta carbonara. All of the recipes have been quick, easy, minimal mess-makers, and very rewarding. Tonight, Lord willing, we will be having weeknight taco salad.

If you go to , you will find many great recipes (where I believe these recipes came from), and a budget wise section that will give you a shopping list for one weeks worth of groceries and five meals to make from that one list. I will definitely being doing this more often. It is all about pleasing God and our families. And if we keep the tummies happy and full, everyone will be happy.

For dessert last night we had a banana creme pie (Brian's favorite). Very quick and easy to make. In most grocery stores that I have seen, they sell a box of powdered mix right next to the bananas for the pie. I bought bananas, the mix, and milk, and, in 15 minutes yesterday morning, I had made a banana creme pie.


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