Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Softball and an Old Memory Revisited

Yesterday, Brian called to let me know that he had been asked to fill in on a friend's softball team for the evening. Of course, I want Brian to get to do things that he enjoys (and anything having to do with sports counts), so we began making our plans to go- what time did dinner have to be ready by, what time were we leaving the house, what do I need to pack for Addie, etc. Funny thing is, all afternoon I kept thinking back to our pre-dating and dating days. Before we dated, Brian used to be on our church softball team (which ended up folding due to a lack of interest), and that is where we began talking and growing a friendship between us. He would even call my parent's home to make sure I knew what time the games were so I could come. Once, I remember him inviting me to sit in the dugout so I wouldn't have to sit alone on the bleachers (I went to the games to "unofficially" see him play). Then after we began dating I went with him to a few of his YMCA league games. He was such a fast runner, and, of course, I thought he was the best player on the team. I did a scrapbook page for him just before we started dating, but I didn't show him the page until later in our dating relationship. The journaling goes as follows:

Okay, I'll admit it. The only reason I went to the church softball games was to watch you play. In fact, it was at your games that we first started talking to each other. I'm just sorry I didn't get to all of them. I saw so many of your great qualities come out at your games. That caused me to like you even more. Your positive attitude and your encouraging words always inspired your team to play well. You play with the heart of a champion, and you give your all. As the coach of the team, you had to make some tough calls, but you chose to do what was right instead of taking the easy path. Yes, you had your share of injuries (cleats in the knee, ouch!), just think of them as battle wounds. I'll always think they were honorably earned. And remember, no matter how you think you've played, your biggest fan will be sitting in the bleachers, cheering you on to victory. (written July 6, 2003)

So, yesterday we had a walk back down memory lane. However, this time around we were pushing an umbrella stroller. Addie loved being outdoors, walking around, all of the attention she got from Uncle Paul and Aunt Angie, and the trip to the playground. She didn't like the sand on her feet or in her shoes or the bucket swing, but she loved sitting on Aunt Angie's lap on the big swing, just going back and forth. By the time we got back to the field, the game had already begun, and our team wasn't doing too well. Brian made a base hit and eventually made it to third base.


I have been rereading my old blogs from Yahoo 360 (talk about a trip down memory lane!), and realized that I have some loose ends there that I will try tying up over here every once in a while. One thing that was mentioned in the July 15, 2008 post was that we were trying to "wean" Addie off of the pacifier. Well, that never worked out. If anything, she now sleeps with TWO pacifiers (one in the hand and one in the mouth) and in her sleep will alternate between the two. She knows the pacifiers are not allowed out of the crib, so when she is ready to get out of her crib, she will throw or spit her pacifier onto the mattress. So for now, yes, she still uses a pacifier.


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