Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

One of the loose ends I needed to tie up had to do with Christmas. Last year, I had posted a couple of pictures of our family, but I said I wouldn't be posting our Christmas picture until Christmas time...and I never did (oops!).

We actually used two pictures on our Christmas card, and here they are. I cannot believe how tiny Addie looks...and where is all of her hair? It's funny, I used to think she had a lot of hair back then, but now when I look back at these pictures I understand how people couldn't figure out how I used to get her bows to stay in her hair.

I also mentioned on either Saturday or Sunday that I would post a couple of pictures this week of my cousin's baby scrapbook for you. I hope today still counts as being part of this past week. The empty spaces between the rounded corner patterned paper in the main body of the page has been spaced for a 4x6 picture. The pages themselves can be turned to have the pictures going long ways or wide...the choice is up to the mommy-to-be:).

There are two other layouts shown. The one with blue background paper has a spot for each parent to put a picture of themselves with the new baby. I am making envelopes to go under the picture spots so Mommy and Daddy can write a letter to Baby and then keep it private if they choose to. The other layout will be used as the baby shower guest sign in.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday.


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