Friday, July 31, 2009

She Was...

I used to keep a basket of mini scrapbook albums in a basket on a shelf under our end table. That is until little hands discovered these perfect, toddler-sized treasures and would bring them to me one by one.

I allow her (with me overseeing) to go through my larger scrapbooks that have the page protectors. Isn't that why I made them? So that family members, big and small, could enjoy them? However, the mini albums were not protected, and when she would get really quiet I would know where to find her, but I was never sure what the condition of the albums would be (I must say that for a 17 month old, she is very careful and hasn't torn any of them). So I moved the basket into a cabinet under the entertainment center.

However, one mini album did not make it there, and today it was brought to me with a lot of excitement. It is a 4x4 accordion album that I had made about a year ago featuring pictures of Mom, Faye, and me. I opened the album and began reading the journaling, with a few tears, and thought that those of you who did not know my mother would enjoy getting to know her through some of my memories, and those of you who did would like to remember some of the qualities that made her such an amazing woman.

She was a devoted wife and loving mother. She kept her family (husband, children, her favorite son-in-law, parents, in-laws, brothers, sister, nephews, nieces, and future grandchildren) in constant prayer. I knew if I called her, she would always be there to talk. I would hang out with her whenever the mood struck me- almost every day. She was the epitome of sacrifice. She never thought of herself- her thoughts were always on those she loved, giving what little she had for their benefit. She sold her Princess House silverware set in order to get me the horse and carriage we had for our wedding day. She did not always speak in perfect English, but her words spoke volumes of the Lord and of her own love for us. I miss her more than can be imagined. She always had time for "her children". I miss her hugs.

She always spoke of how proud she was of us. She was always there with a listening ear- even when she had heard our stories a million and one times. She always dropped what she was doing when she heard that we needed her. I have never in my life looked forward to Heaven as much as I do now. I can envision her reaction to seeing Addie (she couldn't wait to be a grandmother) for the first time. She will throe her hands in the air, give a loud "Oh!" and say, "This must be Addie! I told you she would look like Brian!" I can also picture her taking us by the hand and introducing us to the members of Heaven (this was the way she always introduced us here), "These are my daughters. They were teachers. Not because they are my daughters, but they were the best teachers! My Faye was the valedictorian of her class..." Can't wait to see you, Mom.


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