Monday, August 3, 2009

Crossing Things Off My List

On Saturday, Brian and his dad, lovingly known as Pops, went to Lowes and picked up the wood needed to make the cornices for the windows in our living and dining rooms. That had me excited enough.

Then tonight, we heard a knock on our front door. We went to see who it was, and there stood my wonderful parents-in-law! They had come to deliver my cornices! My pops-in-law had come home from work today and put them together for me. I was so thankful and excited.

So tomorrow is Operation Finish the Cornices. I just need to run out and pick up some batting. My mother and I had already picked out and bought the material to cover the boxes, so I just need to cut the material to fit. My pops-in-law even lent me his staple gun so that I can complete my project. I am super excited. And as I promised before, I will post a picture or two of my completed project.

And, Pops and Mom, a big thank you to the both of you for taking the time out of your day to make and bring the cornices to me. I love you both so much.


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